When in need of a really good massage and you do not have any time or mood to travel to a massage parlor, BEST massage comes to you wherever in Rotterdam you might be. Our certified massage therapists will come at your Rotterdam home, office or any workplace or in any hotel.

At home massage Rotterdam is a massage service which anyone can benefit from without leaving the comfort of your home. At work massage Rotterdam is for people who are at their workplace and cannot find any time to leave but they have a small brake in their busy life. BEST Massage Rotterdam is the home service you need and want.

Easy to book and professional delivered, BEST Massage Rotterdam will bring relaxation massage or deep tissue massage anytime you need it. 

If you travel to Rotterdam and stay in a hotel, BEST Massage Rotterdam can bring its services directly to your hotel room. Simply book a massage and we will make sure we will help you close your day as relaxed and aches-free as possible. Loose muscles and free-mind is the ultimate goal to serve you. Get it for you or as a couple massage service.

Now with BEST Co. you can book a home massage with few clicks only. No need to leave your home, no need to look for cash, no need to stay in traffic, no need to make appointments. We do all this for you. 

Massage Rotterdam BEST Co.



The therapist will bring with them massage table, table sheets, oils, aromatherapy scents, towels and music. You can use your own sheets and towels if you prefer it that way. Make sure you have a place for the table to be placed and enough room for therapist to go around it.


For a safe massage session for you and the therapist, please follow the advise below

  • No shaking hands
  • Therapist will wear a face mask during the massage session
  • Wash your body and hands before the massage session
  • Provide a kitchen sink, powder room, or bathroom for the therapist to wash his/her hands
  • Have the house/room good aired before the session
  • Do not book if you have flu-like, covid-19 symptoms


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Rotterdam, a port city in the southern Dutch province of South Holland, is a prominent port for both east and west coast Dutch shipping. The Maritime Museum’s antique ships and impressive displays trace the town’s seafaring past. The Dutch New Year celebration, the Red Cross’s boatload of tulips and orchids in March, the world’s oldest flower wedding in April, and the colorful ‘Green Thursday’ of the Netherlands’ in August all reflect the Netherlands’ cultural and social calendar. The old downtown district is home to many canalside shops and old architectural buildings, while the new part of the city, the heart of Rotterdam, is known for its skyscrapers and tall buildings. The city has been almost totally rebuilt after WWII and is today recognized for its daring, modern architecture.

The city of Rotterdam enjoys a cosmopolitan, tolerant, and liberal culture with Dutch influences. In addition to its close proximity to the German and English coastlines, Rotterdam enjoys a warm and welcoming atmosphere because it is bordered on two sides by the North Sea. Nonetheless, despite the fact that the city has a diverse population and different cultures, Dutch laws and Dutch culture are distinctly distinguished, and all visitors, whether they speak English or not, are expected to observe the local customs and traditions.

One important thing to note about Rotterdam is the fact that the name of the town is Dutch in origin, but the name Hamburg is only used as a nickname. Another interesting fact about Rotterdam is that many tourists are confused about the difference between Rotterdam Airport, which is the name of the largest airport in Netherlands. In addition to having the busiest airport in the Netherlands, Rotterdam also boasts one of the largest port complexes in Europe and is one of the most modern cities in all of Europe. If you want to visit an interesting part of Europe, you should definitely consider visiting Rotterdam.


Due to coronavirus lockdown we are closed until 3th March 2021.

In the meantime you can browse our website and get to know us and our services. We will be happy to serve you after re-opening.

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